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December 14, 2003



"fisking" - Its a silly word for a silly idea.

Crawford Kilian

I've seen "fisking," and I gather it comes from a Brit journalist who's anti-Bush--didn't he write a lot of articles from Iraq before and during the war? Can anyone give me a definition?

Outer Life

Definition of "fisk":

verb. To deconstruct an article on a point by point basis in a highly critical manner. Derived from the name of journalist Robert Fisk, a frequent target of such critical articles in the blogosphere (qv).

Usage: "Orrin Judd did a severe fisking of an idiotic article in the New York Times today..."

Source: Samizdata.


"And while I don't expect uniformly brilliant and original writing on blogs and other sites, I would be a happy inquisitor if people would only avoid some unfortunate words and phrases. If you go to Buzzwords, you'll find a highly therapeutic array of terms to avoid."

Elegantly put. May all buzzword users cower.

David Tiley

"blogosphere". Anything with "digi" in it. I use them both all the time, but they always grate. .

Actually the word 'blog" is pretty bleaaach as well.
And the terrain has already broken into several different pieces. How can you, for instance, be compared with a sixteen year old girl agonising over her lipstick to her friends? (Don't answer that if you secretly agonise over your lipstick to your friends, purely on the grounds that it is private).

All you have in common is the software and the use of the calendar, which Tammy Arqueslettiya is not using as a discipline anyway. Who wants to posit a new taxonomy of blogdom?

PS - Fisking is a nasty use of the name of a journalist who has made some embarrassing blunders - like predicting the Iraqi army would stand up to the Americans - but has written some fabulous war reportage as well. But then this last year has got us all sadly used to nastiness in public discourse.

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