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January 21, 2011


Account Deleted

Twitter, like all forms of social media, is all about how you use it. I agree with you, I primarily use it for news updates-which often happen on Twitter before they hit anywhere else- and I use it for social purposes. That said, I've stumbled into more than one project just because I'm on Twitter and people know who I am. Probably the most common question I get from my clients is: "Should I use Twitter?" Since the Search Engines have started paying more attention to social streams, The ability to push out blogs and other site information is there, and the opportunity to connect with others and become part of the community is there, I tend to think it's a no-brainer for most business owners.
seo richmond


Yah Sutton is right about businesses that don't get it and they do no invest into. Same thing in real life, you do business development and reach out to people, you create relationship. Twitter isn't different, it just faster an easier.

I'm also blogging from time to time, mostly on Web Strategy, thanks.
Samuel - Web Strategy


Google and Bing, two of the top three search engines, have both confirmed that they are using Twitter and Facebook as factors in ranking websites. This means that every time a link gets shared on Twitter or Facebook it gets counted for the search engine ranking.

Interactive Response: Just like individuals posting your links grow your website’s optimization for the search engines, the deeper part of that should help it as well. We are talking click-thrus, Re-Tweets, and possibly even likes on Facebook. The concept of interactive response would also consider that search engines might be looking to remove company bias. In short, it’s possible that a link of a company’s site shared by an individual would rank higher than that same link shared by the company itself. Interactive response is completely dependent on the content published and the response of followers. Companies should make sure that they are posting items relevant to their company as well as to their audience. This is the easy, obvious, way to gain an interactive response.

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