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Thanks for the answer.

philip oyok

What is the overall meaning of the word "Contemporary Literature"?


I am currently writing a Sci Fi book as there is very little good books in this section in the market place, I have various contact in the film industry that want to show my script to producers however i believe it would be better published as a book in the first instance. (one its a film i can sell books sure but believe its better for people to say, 'hey that was justlike the book', or 'it was not like the book at all')
If this book is inteneded to end up as a film how many words would i needs in my script (currently have 32,500)

Archly Insignificant

Hey, Philip, Patrick and Dave and to all the voyeurs.


There is very little quality content within the Science Fiction genre -- so I hear.

It's an area which, I feel, may pick up within a year or two (watch the pattern of the eighties).

So I espy that everyone's an aspiring novelist here?


Mine is currently at 1002 pages -- in the aforementioned and often tedious manuscript form, of course.

*Awaits his applause*

*Is then the recipient of a kick in the cracker jacks*

The life of a novellist, eh?

Benjamin Solah

Great article. This question is so often thrown around, but you handled it brilliantly.

Carla Robinson

Hi, I have written a book and am trying to find out what category it falls into. Is it a novel or novella?

Right now, I have 33,000 words. It is a horror/thriller.

What do you think?

Crawford Kilian

These terms are a bit fuzzy, Carla, but at 33,000 words I'd say it was a novella (30,000-40,000 words) rather than a novelette (15,000-30,000 words). From 40,000 to 60,000 you've got a short novel.

Then the question is: Can you find a market for a horror/thriller novella? In the days of the pulp magazines, you probably could have. Maybe a few such markets survive, but I don't know them at all.

Carla Robinson

Thanks for the answer.


I am a young...writer, i guess you would call it, in the midst of writing what I hope to publish as a novell. Upon finishing it, it is only approximately 9,000 words though, and that of course is way too short for a novell.

What do you suggest adding to lengthen it?

if you have time and would like to read what I've got so far you can here: http://www.xanga.com/remindmewhyiamwriting

i would appreciate some advice on this, thank you

Crawford Kilian

Sarah, send me your email address (just click on "Email me" in the upper left column of this site), and tell me what you hope to achieve from your story about Lyrica. Maybe then I can give you some useful advice.

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