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"Then I read Gabriel García Márquez and I wonder why he tells and tells for page after page, and I'm still mesmerized instead of bored."

Yes, Marquez has that strong authorial voice that's so rarely used these days. I really admire that about him.

Henrique Rojas

Come on, we are talking about write! We're handle with imagination, with creativity... In these fields "rules" don't exist. Go ahead!


I used to whine to my piano professor, "My technique is awful, I can't play this the way it should be played!," until he told me that technique was only a matter of first imagining the sound that I wanted to hear. After that, the hands would find a way.

I think that with all art, yes, technique eventually becomes second nature through practice, but of first importance is the knowledge of exactly what it is one wants to communicate. Then,one manages to find the right words and organizes them into a successful communication (always with struggles, but with less frustration than if the goal is vague.)

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