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Mary Ann

I) I am working diligently on my memoir. Is it ok to write in both past tense and in present tense, since this writing is not fiction?II)To include a personal poem, what is the best way to set it up? Line by line or with these /

The novel, The Namesake, was written in the present tense. That style gives the narrative power and immediacy and increases the suspense. I am trying it with a revision of my own novel from past tense to present. I've noticed that my friends who have read it seem to get confused when I have to flashback to gain perspective. One agent absolutely hated the confusion. I plod onward, however.

what is told in present tense in 4rth grade in elem.

Eric Shawn

Folks, stop the debate here. The fact is, present tense is suitable for one format and one format only: the Screenplay. If it is not a screenplay, use the Past Tense. Third Person or First Person is up to you, but I will note here that there are many magazine markets who refuse to accept even first person stories, let alone present tense. I'm serious! I'm a published author, I've learned to stick with Third Person, Past Tense... ALWAYS.

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