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Made in DNA

What is your take on 'fictional' words, or twists on words? How do you feel they affect readers? I'm currently working on a short story read via SMS (or the web) in bursts. It seems to be garnering a bit of attention, and I am happy with the results. But I do occasionally make up a word or twist a word.

Example 1: (said of a Buddhist statue) Its smile is a Buddha-ful, enlightening sight. (Buddha-ful being a play on beautiful and Buddha.

Example 2: the cam lens works the OBscene (an obscene scene) with zoom-erect and pan-crazy fury.

The story is here: http://twitter.com/junkdnafiction


I am about to graduate from the University of Florida College of Journalism. I was often told to write as simply as possible in newsprint. I think that edict applies to all writing and especially web writing. Keep the writing focused on the idea and don't let vocabulary get in the way.

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