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Michael Taylor

I am a heterosextual who is interested in Queer Theory. It seems to me, as a student of creative writing that my particular bent is social and anthropological. I'm simply trying to understand what your view is on homosexuality. Why refrence the murder? I don't mean to sound trite, Stanton is a great writer in my opinion and I respect your expert opinion and obvious respect for the author. It is difficult to communicate good fiction with so poor data on sexuality, our customs, culture, and other social ways. In a very real way, queerness is very misused and misrepresented in writing by heterosexual writers like me. I am trying to improve my short story's and other fiction. Please accept my apology if I have offended you or made this question too wordy. But social theory is pretty dry. I like readings,your responses and information. And Thanks for your response to the above question to historical fiction, I have found it helpful with my own work. Thanks again, Michael Taylor


One of my favorite writers , Tim Powers, wrote the excellent DECLARE, which combines historical fact with cloak and dagger fiction elements and uses the supernatural to explain why certain major events from WWII through the latter half of the cold war happened the way they did.
It's a great read.
In his book, key "real life" figures only stop in for a brief moment but the timing of the story follows historic timelines very closely - firebombing London, Nazi occupation of Paris, building the Berlin Wall, etc. He seems to use history to his advantage, weaving his story within the existing events, instead of deviating into an alternate time-dimension. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

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