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cynthia harrison

thank you for the enlightening and honest peek into your career and the publishing industry. i've been waiting for word from my agent about the second book she's shopping for me and this explains why i'm not hearing anything...

James Brush

I went with Option 2 a few years back and found the experience to be very rewarding, and I made my money back.

I'm starting to explore the more traditional route for my latest, and your post seems to confirm much of what I've heard.

Wayne C. Long

Great article!

I, too, have enthusiastically taken the bull by the proverbial horns and used my 35-plus years of sales and marketing experience to launch my professional adult short story Web site at www.LongShortStories.com.

Like Poe, I've created my own hybrid genre of creative short fiction and have built an ever-widening global family of subscribers, starved short story aficionados, and short story contest entrants, who are most grateful for this "Brave New World"-type answer to the imploding short fiction traditional publishing market.

My personal mission statement shown on my Web site fits this New Normal environment perfectly:

"BE ... what you wish to see!"

Keep the faith! And enjoy!

Wayne C. Long
Writer/Editor/Internet Publisher

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