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Forrest Buchly

A few years ago, I went through a cycle where I started dozens of novels, laying out detailed notes on characters, plot and environment, then writing a few chapters. But every so often, one my previous ideas in particular kept rising back to the top. Well, after several years, I ended up committing to and finishing it. While I do think we have to write who we are at the time of the writing, I guess some ideas demand to be pursued.

Michael LaRocca

I've got a novel that's dead at 30,000 words right now. So I'm taking a break from it. That always works. But in almost 40 years of unsuccessful writing, I've never stopped working (or not working) on something to go work on something else. I'm just not wired that way.


I am a freelance proofreader. I am in the process of expanding my resume and would like to add fiction to my experience. I will proofread a chapter of anything you are currently writing at no charge. Materials should be no shorter than ten pages and no longer than thirty pages. I will return pages to you with corrections within 72 hours. I can indicate corrections on Microsoft Word using the "Track Changes" feature. In exchange, I ask that you allow me to add your name and title of your work to my resume. I will not plagiarize your work or share it with anyone else.

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John A. Karr

Cool to read of your experience. I'm revising a back-burner novel now, with eyes on electronically publishing it via Amazon or Smashwords. Re-reading and light editing has brought a new appreciation for it. Cover artist has mocked up a prototype and will soon finish. Might sell a few copies, might sell more than a few. Whatever the case, it's better than residing in the darkest depths of the hard drive.

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