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Ruth Cooke

I hate to say this, but you're right. I still read fiction, but not as much as I used to. At the same time, non-fiction reading (including web reading) has given me many a new idea for my own writing.

And I agree with you about Tolkien and Heinlein. 'Nuff said on that score...

Adam Randall Russell

I've discovered that I read less and less non-fiction simply because I get enough of real life in...well, real life. And isn't it a bit rude to call someone an inbred whelp, regardless of how you feel about their writing? Readers have different preferences regarding style. I respect Tolkien endlessly for the stories he told, but always found his work to be a bit long-winded...

Kohi Raikoan

The claim of writing, without reading, is hard to swallow but, of course, fiction can be churned out if one has stopped reading but has read enough. I think.

Chantz Hebert

The problem with fiction books are similar to the problem the film industry is having. Everyone is either copying or flat out remaking everybody else. We as writers need to come up with completly unique storylines and even writing styles to get readers back into fiction books.

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