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Charles Johnston III

Sounds pretty defeatist to me. There will always be a need for professional writers. The term 'Professional Writers' implies payment for a written work. Even if Joe Smith writes the next big hit and releases it to the public to download and share, there will be people who want it printed in a nice bound book to sit it on the shelf, or to take it places an ebook reader cant go.
Granted you might not make a 'one hit wonder' any more but you still be able to make a living off of doing it if... your work is good enough. You just wont be rich from it, unless hollywood picks it up for a movie or a publishing house prints it up and gives you a cut of the profits.


I agree with Charles. Don't cry and whine because your sales have dipped. It isn't the end of the world or the end of writers. A simple look at History will show you the same wails, the same dismayed voices at other times of literary tech advancement: the printing press, cheap paperbacks, talking movies, even. The world changes, but humans not so much.

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