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Charles Johnston III

I'd say that sounded about right, publishing is just one aspect. I my self have a 'book' out for free download, on how to use 'D-star' its aimed at ham radio operators who buy D-Star equipped rigs (Radios) and want to get on air with it, specifically around my area.

It is being used by a lot of people that I never intended it to. People on three different continents that heard of it by word of mouth only. I don’t have the time to run around to all of the different ham radio groups to 'promote it' to go to all of the other ham radio groups to pump it up and make people aware the book even exists.

That's what publishing houses do, they have people who's jobs is to do just that. If say ARRL (a very large ham club that does publish) picked it up and published a book form, sure I might make some cash that way and a WHOLE lot more people would have access to the information and know of its existence.
If another larger publishing house who has access to more brick and mortar places, course its going to sell a bit more etc.

Just common sense stuff so I agree with times article on those points.

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