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March 17, 2004



Hi neighbour ( Seymourite and CapCollege) !

Thanks for this! I'm still a newbie blogger and have been learning bits here and there, a lot by just looking at many other blogs & websites. The poor readability of pale texts or white on black, etc is very obvious!! You have clarified many of these observations for me.


One of the things that I have noticed makes web text more readable is the use of smaller fonts. This coupled with wide margins seems to really work for me.

As far as scrolling goes, I find that I often highlight the next sentence that I will be reading before I begin to scroll. I always do so when I have to use the scroll bars, but if my mouse has a scroll wheel, I am able to keep my eyes focused on the text so I don't have to worry so much about losing my place.

I think it might be interesting to consider how modifications such as the scroll wheel have impacted what formatting techniques are suitable, and, of course, to consider how future tech changes of this sort might change acceptable or ideal web formatting.


In my seminars about web writing and editing, I add some other points:

- Use boldface emphasis to highlight major points.

- Use links liberally, and build documents with reader responses and inbound links in mind.

- When you have control over the design of the page, choose readable colours and fonts that are appropriate for your audience and topic.

- Include appropriate illustrations or graphics to help make the document scannable and to augment the text.

I've consolidated Crawford's and my points on my own site, and pointed to an article I found (and use in my talks) that really needs editing for the Web:


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