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January 14, 2005


julie p

BLAH!!..im bored..nice blog mr K...its awsome!..i have a recommendation...make it more colourful!! and add flowers and rainbows and happy faces!! yupyup!! cya later alligator!


Thanks for stopping by the Metroblog. I do admit that my posts seem to be running away from me, and are a bit more long-winded than I originally envisaged when I began writing them!

The Day 3 blog is up, and just as long and unruly as the other two.

Crawford Kilian

Delighted to hear from you, Paul, and to read your latest unruly post. I hope you realize you have a book about the tsunami aftermath well under way. This might be a good time to query some US or British publishers. Keep in touch, and keep writing.

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