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June 19, 2007



Thanks for the tips.


Mmm, maybe I should make my remark above a little clearer -- I'm not Juno 888. I was just passing through, and I thought your tips were good and left a comment to tell you so.

I have a tendency to write pieces in my blog that are too long, and I sometimes try subtitles to break them up a little.


Absolutely fantastic blog, and I can tell you exactly where Juno 888 is coming from as my own blogs are getting hit frequently with spam issues.

Juno 888 probably needs backlinks to his or her site. A new and popular method for those unscrupulous enough is to post on various blogs that will accept a posted comment a backlink. This backlink helps their site, much as this posts helps mine.

The unscrupulous are now hiring indian/philliphian and other south asian workers to populate blogs everywhere with drival.

Again you have an excellent blog and I would personally love a review of my site.

Werner Patels

Which is why I have begun moderating comments; spammers like that 888 guy are not only deleted, but also have their IP address banned, so that they won't waste my time again.


I don't consider Juno 888 a spammer...just a very slow responder to a very old post. I happily ban real spammers as you do (and unto the seventh generation).

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