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November 23, 2008



I suspect that Havenworks is a spoof, though I couldn't bear to look at it long enough to confim my suspicions.

Sadly, there was a writing website up there in the top ten, but in some ways it's no surprise.

Account Deleted

"HavenWorks.com ranks just #3, it was the only site that made me cry out in horror." I agree with you here.That wasn't a surprise anymore.

Account Deleted

HavenWorks.com?? hahaha yess, it horrible site...

Balean Blog

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That site already gave me a headache by simply looking at it! I never thought that they can make websites like that. It's a great thing that this year has been really good when it comes to the social network web design industry. Because of the improvement of our technology today, the fields of the social networking website design has become more improved too. That's why we can only see few ugly sites in the web today.

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