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April 22, 2010



I can't believe that anyone who has read the original content written by Yahoo writers and editors would consider its style guide a credible source. Every day they make some of the most egregious mistakes on the Web, including grammatical gaffes, misspellings, punctuation goofs, factual errors, etc., etc. And Yahoo's writers obviously don't follow the company's guide. They can't even agree if it's "Web site," "Website," or "website" (you'll see all 3 on Yahoo). -- Laura (at http://terriblywrite.wordpress.com)

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The answer is that even with the AP Stylebook throwing in its two cents on topics like whether it is e-mail or email (e-mail) there are still plenty of online and Internet related terms that are not covered in any of the style guides. For example, do I have to use the exclamation point on the end of Yahoo!’s official corporate trademark name? If so, do I use the apostrophe ‘s’ like I just did for the possessive of Yahoo!? (What about question marks?)website design southampton

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I also think that online and print readers value the succinct style that AP standards provide. AP made the choice of "Web site" for what we thought were very good, language-based, reasons. AP style is used by most newspapers and journalists. Thanks for this nice post.
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Alex O

I also think that AP is the best format to use in online publishing.

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I would go with AP as well. Reason is, yahoo needs to improve their web publishing tools.

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