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June 01, 2010



Well, I guess Carr is a decent enough writer and does sometimes have interesting things to say, but on his current hobbyhorse I think he's way off base.

Case in point: His "studies show" desperately needs a link so that we can decide for ourselves whether those studies are to be trusted, and without such a link to validate its basic hypothesis, any "comprehension" of his post is illusory (which is worse than non-existent).


I didn't read the article but I do have that problem with clicking through links like crazy so that I sometimes never finish any of the articles I was trying to read. I do think we need links but I think they should be at the end. When a word or sentence in every paragraph is linked somewhere else, I won't get through your writing.

Anna Siriano

what I found most interesting as I read this article was that I didn't use your one hyperlink, but I did copy and paste "Rough Type" into my Google search bar. I generally read the whole article and them go back and link through anyways.

Anna Siriano

oh well I guess you linked to Rough Type anyways, but still that's what I did. haha.

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