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Dear Teacher,
In example number (2) if the sentence starts out like this:
John and sue can take the bus. We also can tkake the bus. then would not that be better than saying Wecan also take the bus??
Thank You

Crawford Kilian

You're right, David. If the context shows that "also" refers to the persons, not to the form of transport, then "also" should be close to the names. In the example you give, if John and Sue can take the bus, then so can we--"We also".

If the "also" refers to choices of transportation, then it should be closer to those choices: We can go by car or train. We can also take the bus.

Thanks for your question!


or get rid of the also altogether and just say

"we could take the bus"

also seems to me to be for the case when you must use a variety of transport to reach your destination, such as ,

We take the Shin-kansen?

Ah, but you must also take the local bus.

Salim Saleh Baoum

i need to know the way to speak English language very well.

thank you

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