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Is it proper to say "I feel nausiated" or "I feel nautious?"


I feel fish, literally.


Ichthyologists tend to use "fish" to describe multiple individuals of the same species and "fishes" to describe individuals of different species. Check out this article: "http://mrcarlton.net/blog/?p=20"



marci x

i think it is fish and fishes, both are gramatically correct so tell my friend laura tullett that she is wrong because she it is fish but it could be fishes too so hahaha

marci x

im bored, history is so boring, mr elders, my history teacher bores me to tears, btw, i love fishes, lol. i love guppys!!!!!


As a professional ichthyologist I concur that in general English ( as opposed to US or Canadian) usage fish is the singular or plural apertaining to a single type or species.
Fishes is the plural where two or more different species / types are referred to


As a professional knower of all things, I think I've got this one covered:

More than one fish in a pan = fish

More than one fish in the ocean = fishes


fish = food
fishes = multiple individual animals.


This is all very fishy.


I have benefited greatly from this article.


I guess if we go by what was taught to us, fishes is not the correct form. But i think language change does happen with change in boundaries!!


There's another important usage of "fishes" - the possessive plural. If you say "the fish's eyes" you will be understood to be referring to one individual. To use the plural possessive you need to write "the fishes' eyes". This is true whether you are referring to one species or more than one.
Example: "Prepare four red mullet. If you use a sharp knife you will find the fishes' scales come off easily."

Stuart Skeggs

The plural of fish is fish, no doubt about it 100%. All you dithering lexicographers who say it is alright to say fishes please just get off the fence and kiss my a*** now, because it isn't OK. by any means. I can't stress this strongly enough it is fish, and anyone that disagrees with me on this is nothing but an idiot.

Brian Dawe

The plural of fish is fish.

Fishes is a word but it's not used in this way.

John fishes off the pier and catches five fish.

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