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I am the boyfriend who Alexia was referring to. The question at hand is not so much what she wrote about because that i understand. The question at hand is when she or our friends will say, "Me and mom are going to the store." This is different from the question that she posted. I have told her that Me and Mom is not proper, rather--Mom and I is. I just wanted to give my side of the story.
thank you,

Crawford Kilian

Thanks for your post and your clarification, John! You're correct—"Mom and I are going to the store" is the proper usage. I hope that affection and tranquility are now restored between you and Alexia.


Thank you sooooo much for clearing up that point! I have always known this was correct, but couldn't explain why. I'm studying linguistics at university, and the question came up in a workshop. I announced my belief that it should be: "she gave the present to my mother and me", and the (spanish) tutor pooh-poohed me! Then patronisingly stated "well, the beauty of a living language is that the rules can change however you want them to". I was livid - I knew I was right, but had been humiliated in front of the class, and could not back my argument up. Now I can, and hopefully the rest of the class can "unlearn" what this stupid foreigner taught them!

Thank you!


"People like me, who come from overseas, are familiar with older architecture."

In the above sentence replacing "me" with "I" doesn't sound right. But I would say "I come from overseas" or "I am familiar with architecture".

So the subject of the sentence is "people" which is why the objective case "me" is used? Or am I mixing apples and oranges?


After reading "Two pronoun questions" on this site...

I think I got it--pronouns have an objective case when the pronoun follows a preposition ie. "People like me" the object of the preposition "like".

Crawford Kilian

You've got it, Gary!

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