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My name is Mike and I could use some help.

My Boss often starts a conversation (with me) in what seems like the middle of a thought or conversation.

Example: "He'll never get convicted"

He does this without warning or prior conversation regarding this matter. It always catches me off guard and I have to stumble to try to think of what he is talking about.

When the topic is not work related it's not a big deal. When it is related to work it really puts me in an uncomfortable position.

Is there a name for what he is doing?

I would really like to confront him regarding this issue. I believe he is doing this intentionally. Is this a practice that is used by some managers to get an advantage over their employees?

Maybe he's not aware of what he's doing!

Please, if you can help or suggest a web site, book or resource that can add insight I would be grateful

Thank you,


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