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Deb Thompson

Help! Which is correct: "One of the physicians who has referred patients," or "One of the physicians who have referred patients"?


Related to the subject-verb agreement: When a name of a group is used as a subject, I notice the Brits consider the noun to be plural and use the corresponding verb (Genesis are playing at Wembley Stadium this weekend). However, in America we consider the noun to be singular (Genesis is playing at the Oakland Coliseum this weekend), as there is only one group, not several.

Then again, there is the exception: Americans say "The Police are playing at Madison Square Garden this weekend," even though this usage is inconsistent with "Genesis is...".

We Yanks are strange. BTW, I like your site, and I'll check in again.


However,nevertheless and

will you simply explain when to use each?


Dear Sir,

Will you please help me with the following subject verb agreement in the two sentences below?

The majority of visual arts teachers has been employed in a teaching capacity for more than 11 years.

In the music discipline, most of the music educators has been employed as a teacher (53.9%) and taught within their discipline (53.9%) for more than 18 years.


hHelp me figure out the wrong subject-verb agreements in the computer.

Not everyone nowadays have a personal hero. Some people hasn't thought about the subject. Others have not found an ideal hero. Either people from history or someone alive today make a good choice for a personal hero. for example, Helen Keller or Anne Frank may inspire people in difficult circumstances. On the other hand, one of your own classmates are also a good candidate for a hero. Have someone in your school been an "unsung hero"? Each day peoples' decisions affect the lives of people around them. Has someone affected your life in a positive way? That are the sign of a hero!

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