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Prashanth DN

I feel that there is some difference in the contexts where they should be used.
till is used to mean the time upto a particular instance and the action can continue even after that.
until is used to mean the time upto a particular instance and the speaker has in mind that the action after this time does not almost happen.


difference between can and can't, acn not

Prashanth DN

ghedaa, what exactly did u mean by:

difference between can and can't, acn not


The major difference is:
Till is used when the event has not occured yet. Until is used to specify things that are to be done after a particular event.
1. I will sleep till midnight.
2. I will sleep until midnight -> wrong
1. I will not do that until this is done.
2. I will not do this till this is done -> wrong


1. We wont have a better life until there is a change in the leader.
2. We wont have a better life till there is no changer the leader.


Please correct me if I am wrong.

Account Deleted

I would suggest you to go through Content Caramel's blog on the difference between Till and Until. There is a difference and they have explained it perfectly here.


Content Caramel

Account Deleted

This is the exact link to the post- http://contentcaramel.wordpress.com/2010/04/13/till-and-until-are-different/

Account Deleted

Difference between Its and It's.
Explained by Content Caramel.


Account Deleted

I find in ...


then I just Know that 'Till' is less formal than 'until' and is used less often in writing.

*** If my substance is wrong,you can argue and explain to everyone. ***



1.“Till” and “until” have been seen to be used differently by people as a matter of habit.
2.“Till” is used mostly in informal situations and not very commonly in formal writing. “Until” is used in formal writing and used in formal conversations.
3.“Till” is not used to start a sentence; “until” is used to start a sentence.
4.“Until” is used in situations where one event is dependent on another eveT. https://wordmaker.info/how-many/till.html

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