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I get the same nails-over-chalkboard feeling when I hear "go missing" or "went missing."
But I get a bamboo under the fingernails effect when I hear something like "When Cindy Lou's mother came to her room to wake her, she found her daughter missing."
Huh? At first that may seem okay to many readers/listners, but think about it. If her mother found her, Cindy Lou isn't missing. If she is indeed missing, her mother couldn't have found her.
In any English-speaking country, Cindy Lou is simply missing. Words like "went" or "go" are superfulous.


Both "gone missing" and "went missing" are redundancies. If you are missing you are gone. Both are
variations are illiterate.


Ditto to every comment, and then some!...
Pretty sure this all started over here with Dan Rather. I thought it was just another typical Texas cornpone expression of his ("He was on that like a hen on a junebug!). Little did I know this would spread through our country's language like a virus. I knew all was lost when I heard Peter Jennings use it on ABC World News Tonight. Not sure when. And being Canadian is no excuse!


Also, "The stolen money turned up missing, then the thief up & died!"
(I forgot to say "Don't get me started!")

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