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Hi again professor Crawford.

Thanks for your time to answer my first question. As you were so kind, I am willing to make a second one. I need to fill in my curriculum with straight words (less talking, more impact). I am a bit pressed for space tough and I cannot write the whole phrase as you've suggested.

So, is that "listen" grammatically okay if I only write :

English : listen (advanced); spoken, written (intermediate) ?

Best wishes on your site !



I have problem to speak english easily even i knew the words what shall i do and i'm styding English at Sibawaih school

Crawford Kilian

Hi, Asma--

I suggest you listen to English speakers and copy the way they pronounce words. Many podcasts are designed for students like you--look in the ESL/EFL Resources list. It will take a lot of practice, but you can do it!

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