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Dear English Teacher,
What does "Work the floor" mean?

Candy Sommer

Not sure on the spelling of this,my daughters boyfriend has been calling her a " Bar Doxy". I would like to know the meaning of it. If you or someone you know can help I would greatly appreciate it. I belive he said it was a word or phrase use around the 1800's or even has far back has the mid-evil times. I just want to know if it is a insult or a pet name, and how deep the boy is digging his grave.Again Thank You,A concerned Mom


A "doxy" is indeed a rude term for a woman who is a concubine, mistress, or otherwise sexually active outside marriage. A "bar doxy" is presumably such a woman found in bars.

So while it's rude, the word "doxy" is so old-fashioned that it's hard to imagine anyone using it seriously nowadays. But a quiet word with the boyfriend might clear things up.

Here's a tip: When you find a word you don't know, you can always ask the English teacher...but you can also ask Google. Just go to Google and type (for example) define:doxy in the window. The results are dramatic!

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