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Thank you very much for your explanation!


Hi Crawford,
I am a student in Taiwan, and I read this article by chance. 'than usual' or 'than is usual' has confused me for a long time.
In this article, it seems that ‘than usual’ and ‘than is usual’ have the same meaning.
However, they are not the same in the following question.

The Parthenon is larger than ____ for a Doric temple, with eight columns on the short sides and seventeen on the long ones rather than the typical six and thirteen.
A) usual
B) is usual
C) has been usual
D)one usually is
E) it is usual
The correct answer is B. Can you explain why A and E are not correct ?

Thank you very much.

Lance Ho.


Hi Crawford,
Thanks for your answer.

I got two more examples.
The indoor swimming pool seems to be a great deal more luxious than is necessary.
He got more money than was wanted.

If they turn into the following setences by erasing ‘is’ and ‘was’, are they still correct ?

The indoor swimming pool seems to be a great deal more luxious than necessary.
He got more money than wanted.

Thanks very much.
Lance Ho.

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