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I've seen the "suggest (person) to (do something)" construction used in Japan by non-native speakers of English, but never by native speakers. Indeed, a search of the British National Corpus for "suggest* * to *" turns up no instances of such a construction.


Some further searching has led to the use of suggest in the sense of recommend, as in
"In 1985 Stephen took a director's training course, directed a short training film and sent it to Schlesinger, who suggested him to producer Mark Shivas as director for Channel 4's drama trilogy What If It's Raining?, written by Anthony Minghella. " from the Guardian at http://arts.guardian.co.uk/news/obituary/0,,899801,00.html


"Hemmings turned 60 last month but, far from settling into obscurity, he's having a big-screen renaissance after an absence of nearly 20 years. It started two years ago, when a friend suggested him to Ridley Scott for a part in Gladiator." from the Guardian at http://arts.guardian.co.uk/fridayreview/story/0,,735033,00.html

The same article immediately above has the sentence "Hemmings suggests pints all round." Here the suggestion is that they order a round of drinks. Could we also say, "[A] suggested snacks (idlis, pretzels, chips) all around."? What else can be suggested with the implication being "suggest that something be distributed to all?". We clearly see the role of context in that utterance.


I think this is a different sense. 'Suggest (a person) to(preposition) (another person)' is normal; 'suggest a person to(infinitive marker) do something' is non-standard.


In my computer edition of Merriam-Webster's 11th Collegiate Dictionary, I see two uncommon ways to use the word 'suggest'. The obsolete usage is a synonym with 'seduce', and another uncommon usage is a synonym with 'evoke'.

Although neither of these definitions fits the context that was assumed ('advised' or 'recommended'), they do make grammatical sense.

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