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What is the difference between take and get?
EX: Take this glass of water to your dad.
I get you a cup of coffee.

Carl in Ottawa

When I came to Canada back in the 60s, I was offered tea by the Resident Friend at Friends House (the Quaker Centre) in Toronto. She was from England, and she asked me, "Do you have milk?". I said no, meaning there was no milk yet in my cup. She passed me by. In the States, we would have asked, "Do you take milk?".


And further to the differences among British, Canadian and American English. I was once cleaning up after dinner in a youth hostel in Dover, England and a French girl asked me how I would describe what we were doing. "It depends," I said, "In England we'd be doing the washing up. In the US and Canada we'd be washing the dishes." And a professor of mine (originally from England) back at the Illiniois Institute of Technology told me what happened after he'd asked a secretary there to post a leter she'd written. "Before I could say anything, she'd tacked the bloody thing on the notice board!"

Chuck Orsagos

If today is Thursday and I say "meet me at the park next Tuesday" should you meet me in 6 days from today or 13 days.

Crawford Kilian

I would assume the meeting is in six days. If I wanted to specify the following Tuesday, I'd say: "Meet me at the park a week from Tuesday."

Or, if the person was British, I might say: "Meet me at the park Tuesday week."

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