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Fred Talbott

Could you share comment on the phrase "looking to" as in "She is looking to change her career." This one seems to be replacing the more precise "planning to." Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Crawford Kilian

Thanks for pointing this out, Fred. You're right. In casual speech, "looking to" does seem to be replacing similar expressions. This may be a North American trend. Has anyone noticed it in the UK, Australia, or elsewhere in the English-speaking world?


Thanks for clearing it. I was wondering the same.

Yoma Ma

In answer to this teen-aged question:
"If I said "The difference between me and you is...", does it mean..."

I would say that depending on if you are in a specific topic of conversation or are speaking in general. That expression is heard as part of a very specific discussion in which two people disagree and one will tell the other, "The difference between you and me is [that you are willing to do whatever and I am not]", for example. It would be very difficult for two people to only have one difference between them, generally speaking.

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