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Dennis Jerz

AP style would have us say just "Friday" for the upcoming Friday, so "next Friday" would be a week after that.

Alternate City

That's the way I've always understood and used it, Dennis.

Mary Anne Postma

Using the expression "Friday week" for a week from Friday, is also an expression heard here in the South.

Mary Anne Postma

I will say it is confusing to some of us because we are not sure if it refers to the Friday coming up in,
say, 11 days, or the one in 4 days.

Tim Hooper

I think the next Friday should be the next Friday coming up however close or far away then everyone would understand what day they are talking about ...just saying !

Mark Kummer

In British English, is there a distinction between Tuesday next and Tuesday week?


"Tuesday next"could be two or three days from now. "Tuesday week" is understood to be one week from this week's Tuesday.

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