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I am writing a novel and always struggle about offsetting the dialog....how would one write
prose, then dialog, ideally?


Maybe your grammar check is more accurate than you think.

The last line of your manuscript
should have a ; because you is an understood subject. Put a ; in and you will not have a green grammar line.

A line dash can also be used at times--depending on tone--or what I think of as color.

Or you could just put, and

I hope that your writing is progressing and that all is going well.

Jayn Albury

I've read an editor's statement that a work in progress can be considered a finished manuscript.
I have several chapters nailed down to my satisfaction. However,
since I haven't even resolved the main conflict for my cast of characters, I consider this an unfinished manuscript. Am I mistaken?


I am writing a novel and always struggle about offsetting the dialog....I did not see the responses from the first question posted?
What is the best way to indent the dialog? Short and long dialog?

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