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Matthew Bin

Thanks for this. Couldn't agree more, and couldn't have said it as well.

I find it interesting that Orwell and H.G. Wells were known in their time, and are still remembered across the pond, for their non-SF writings (Wells' Ann Veronica and Orwell's Homage to Catalonia as examples). And I doubt they thought they would be thought of as "science romance" writers after their deaths. Never mind that most readers today try to see their SF work as "chilling visions of things to come" rather than biting commentaries on very contemporary (for the writers) subjects.

Incidentally, I've tried without much success to convince highly educated grad students that Dickens was lowbrow crap...

I couldn't agree more.

Is it just me or does Crawford think all conservatives are dim?

Crawford Kilian

Well, it's not just you—a lot of people have that mistaken impression. I'm very conservative as a teacher and writer...as a teacher because most radical teaching styles don't work, and as a writer because the stories I want to tell don't need avant-garde techniques.

Since the advent of that right-wing barking-loony radical George W. Bush, I've discovered I'm conservative politically as well, because I want to conserve old-fashioned principles like not starting wars and paying taxes for the social services you want.


You’ll have to excuse me; I was just informed I am dim. I was under the impression that secular socialism is relatively new idea in the timeline of world history. Those who wrote the American constitution could never have imagined things like health care and education being considered a human right as the left would have us believe today. They were more concerned with things like the right to life, land ownership, a fair trail with citizen jury’s, a self determined future, and the freedom of worship. So, when you say old-fashion when referring to social services, just how far back are you going? Personally, not only do I not want to pay more taxes, I don’t want to depend on the government for education, health care, utilities, and who knows what else.

I thought you painted an appropriate picture in Henderson's of what socialism holds for the future of Canada and for the US as well since it seems destined to follow in Europe and Canada’s footsteps.

BTW, I do enjoy your site and I think Henderson's has a great premise. I can’t wait for you to finish it.

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