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keith promsakha


Im just starting to learn how to write a novel and my question is how do you know when to start a new paragraph while you are writing the story?

Crawford Kilian

When you're writing dialogue, start a new paragraph every time a different person starts talking.

In ordinary narrative, start a new paragraph when you start a new topic or change the point of view.


Do people normally make numerous copies of an MS and send it to multiple puplishers at the same time, or do they wait and do it sequentially? How much does shipping normally cost, and do you have to pay for the return shipping?

Crawford Kilian

It's always a good idea to have a couple of spare copies of a manuscript (as well as copies of the electronic version in different places). Most publishers don't like multiple submissions--they don't want to spend time considering a novel and then get turned down because some other house has already bought it.

Shipping a manuscript is just like shipping anything else--it depends on the weight and the way you send it. A big manuscript, sent by courier, will cost more than a small one sent by ordinary mail.

Most publishers do expect you to supply the postage for return of the manuscript, and rightly so.

You're better off if you first send a query letter, describing the story. If the publisher then asks to see the manuscript, he's saying he'll cover the costs of returning it if he doesn't like it.

This is all general advice. Always check the website of the publisher you're considering, and following the instructions given for queries and submissions.

keith promsakha

Hi again. Just wanted to ask this time about getting your manuscript copyrithed. How do you go about getting your copy of manuscripted copyrighted?

June Pierce

Thank you so much. I got carried away writing in long hand on vacation and needed to know guide lines before computer time. You have been very helpful.

Lucas F.

Thanks for the tips. And here I was, enthusiastically pounding out my first novel, almost ready to start looking for an agent, and I've got my manuscript layed out like the pages of a pocket sized novel.

Jeanne Charters

Should each chapter be started midway down the page? How many spaces typically from the top?

Do you think it's important that I put a header (title/last name)on each page?

Jeanne Charters

Paddy B

So, when it's all finished, what do you put at the end of the manuscript to signal that it's the end? "The End"? That seems trite. "***"? That seems cute. What do you suggest?



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