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Your blog is a great resource and I appreciate your advice, especially being a fellow canuck(Recently moved from Victoria to Winnipeg Aaagghh). Like everyone else, I too am in the midst of my first novel, an adventure/contemporary fiction currently at 55,000 words with approx. 20K to go. I have a firm idea how the rest of the book will go, now it is just a matter of making time and getting it done. The questions I have, and hope you can answer are:
1. Can you approach an agent before the novel is completed, even though the Synopsis is known and the typically requested first few chapters are edited? Without reading the full manuscript I assume an agent is looking for a fresh, captivating idea and the author's writing style, all of which can be shown without the novel being completed. Or is that very taboo?
2. As a canadian, did you search out a canadian agent or a US one who may have better ties to the bigger publishing houses, and would you have any suggestions?
3. Lastly, thanks for taking the time to answer and do you have any Canadian specific advice? Cheers. Emerson.

Robert Kennedy

With all the writing I do I guess I could write a novel in 3 weeks. How much would you get paid for that?


There seems a lot of q&a about the amount of words. Personally if a book had 200 pages in it and it had a good story thats great. What difference does it make if you read a book in one night and enjoy it or read a much longer book over several days? Would it not be up to the reader of the book. Of course, should a book have a fantastic story and it became a film it would need rather more than 200 pages. Take a look at the book being sold in the shops, how many pages? They all vary so much. Quality not quantity is what I say but that is just my opinion and I am really on starting off.


what could be the ideal length for a novel in humour genre

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