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is it possebel if my novel is not more the 3000 words?


@Carey I just read Silva's "The English Assassin", a national best-seller which featured chapters as short as 1 page (or less). (I believe his approach was to break out each new scene into a chapter.)

SO my answer is, whatever suits your novel.


i currently have a fiction story that is 29,507 words, is that a good start, i am not sure, i want to get it published, but i am not sure the will let me,( i counted a random page from lemony snickets book and then divided would that be okay? or is that way off?


how many pages on average do you have in a chapter because im writing a book i only started today in 33,502 words but i dont know how amny i need in a chapter

right guess what my mum said that i'm too young to write a book not fair im 11 so i am old enough!


Well, Meaghen, I started writing when I was about your age, so I guess you're old enough.

A chapter can be almost any length--a few hundred words or several thousand. You know you've reached the end of a chapter when the characters (or at least the readers) know something important that they didn't know at the beginning of the chapter.

Good luck with your writing!



From what I've tabulated, the mean length of a chapter is about 2,500 words. But, like Crawford said, the range is huge.

Lynnie S.

I'm 17. I have been writing stories and poems ever since I learned to write at the age of 6. Recently I started working on a novel that I might consider trying to publish. Despite English is not my native language, I prefer to use it when I write. I've lived the most of my life in Finland, but since I'm attending an international school I believe that I know English fairly well.
What troubles me, is that British/American agents/publishers are not likely to be interested in a foreign author like me. Could that be actually true, or am I wrong? (I hope I am...)
Please help.

Kristi F

I am almost done with my novel. It is 100,567 words and 510 pages long. It is a young adult novel write in third person. I have heard that is it hard for a novel this length is hard to get published in the young adult market. Is that true.


I've started writing in Word. Should I format it a certain way for a novel, or just type away?

Crawford Kilian

Kelly asked if she should just bash away in Word on her novel, or format it a particular way. Short answer: Do it whatever way is comfortable, but plan to re-format the manuscript before you print and submit it.

For the long answer, see my post: http://crofsblogs.typepad.com/fiction/2004/11/novel_manuscrip.html?cid=6a00d83451bd6d69e201156f992bf0970c

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