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Which is where fantasy/fiction comes into play, because we can create a place that doesn't exist.

jamie morris

Thanks for your good insights on the writing process. I cited you in a recent post I made on my own blog, WorkshopPorkchop.blogspot.com, regarding our tendency to call "setting" a character in one another's work.

Whether or not it's appropriate to do so, we had a good conversation about it, and I appreciate having your input as a contribution.

Jamie Morris,
Woodstream Writing Workshops


Very nicely put. I get irritated when I pick up a novel with an interesting setting and it gets underutilized. Such a waste. I find I tend to choose my setting first, then find an intriguing character who is there because of what the setting is, or means, then find the story out of that. Without even thinking much about it, the setting is then automatically an important and useful player in the story.

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