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Hmm, over the hill?
Well, I guess it's something to look forward too...


I guess that's why so many published writers remind novice writers to "have something else," in other words, something else in the back pocket that pays the bills...a regular gig, perhaps...that helps eliminate or at least minimize that worry about getting paid. Book advances, then, become icing on the cake and not the cake itself, allowing the writer to focus on (and enjoy) the creative process.

Thanks as always for good commentary,



Thanks for another wonderful post. I have to admit I rarely think of the "end" of my career, imagining the mansions, Rolls-Royces, etc., would be endlessly flowing after each book is published/movie of my latest and greatest is released.

On a more serious note, I had not know about the donation of papers. That is interesting news. I better start looking for those short stories I wrote back in junior high....

Bernita Harris

And then there are those of us who take up writing again after we are over the hill...

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