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Don Hosek

Alternatively, you need to get most, if not all of those short stories published, in as prominent of a publication as possible. There are people whose first books are short story collections, but I've never heard of anyone publishing a first book of short stories where the short stories are all unpublished.

Brad V.

I find it sad that the short story has fallen out of popularity. Some of the best fiction I've read has been short works written by unknown authors.


It's funny how it works: one of the things people recommend if you want to publish a novel is to get some short stories published.

Carol Manley

I have a collection of short stories coming out in May 2008 ("Church Booty")and I don't have a novel and I don't have any special connections or an agent. Some of the stories have been published in obscure journals with small circulations. The route to publication for my collection was through competitions. There are a number of competitions for book-length short story colletions. Most, maybe all, of them are sponsored by small university presses. The prizes include publication of the book. There are probably about a dozen of these competions with different deadlines throughout the year and there are fees involved (usually $20-$25). Look for information about these competitions in writing magazines and Writer's Market books. University presses have small print runs, you won't get rich, but you'll have a respectable book. Good Luck!

A Girl.

I'm a teenage writer and i've written a couple of short stories...there pretty long but not long enough to be a novel.
I like to believe that i can get it published as a book and get some royaly to fund my University (going to be a doctor)...is that ever possible?
(stories have vampires...winged beings...etc.)

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