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Thank you for this post. I hope I can find the motivation to actually apply it to my own writer's block.


I talk out all of my stories - ideas, issues, conflicts, storylines, characters, you name it - with my German Shepherd, Thor. His usually undivided attention (except when the neighborhood squirrels catch his eye) and repertoire of quizzical looks let me know he's listening to me yap, and I end up simplifying my thoughts for him, as if I'm talking to an eight-year-old.
I find that speaking the core elements of my writing out loud, especially when I'm trying to sort out a problem I'm having, works wonders. If something sounds stupid or confusing, it usually ends up that way on paper. When I ramble about my ideas to him I end up coming up with more ideas and can often expand upon story elements I found wanting when sitting and staring at my computer.

Thanks, Thor, you're a good listener!

Jamie Grove - How Not To Write

I tend to take the punishment route. First I beat the crap out of myself and then I turn that rage against my characters and let them wade through the mess. At some point, they start talking to me and begging for mercy. That's the point where I really turn up the heat and make them earn their crusts.

Great, great post!!


My method of getting over writer's block, is to start another book, then, come back to the first another day.If that doesn't work, i spend time with my dog or my interesting fish, Shark, also try putting yourself in your character's situation.Are they in pain? Are they happy? Did they just loose a dear friend? Act it out using your head, as if watching a movie.Base your character's personality on people you know.

thanks for making the post!

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