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Congrats on 35 years of writing! I started on a typewriter too;-)


Have been inspired by the new on-line publishing phenomena and have put together a few articles about this very subject. This guide is totally free so please request this at book-publishing.jimdo.com/contact/

Michael LaRocca

Thank you for that. I'm at a dead stop 30,000 words into my latest novel. Now I know that it is trying or will try to teach me what the hell it wants to say if I'll get out of the way.

Mike Ott

This post...God, how it resonates with me. "Trying to teach you what the hell it's trying to say." That is without a doubt the best piece of advice I've heard--and I've heard them all. The truth, whether or not you embrace it, is that your characters know their story. Try to stay the hell out of their way, which, I know, is an upstream task.

Well said, sir. Well said.


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