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September 04, 2006



What a great idea-- I will be using this site a lot. Just a suggestion-- you should add "" in your "Writers' Resources" area. It's a wonderful place for writers to get input and aid.

Anyway, thanks!

Elsie Montgomery

I agree - a great idea. I've also another suggestion for a link: is the website for InScribe Christian Writers' Fellowship, a Canadian group. I'm putting this link on that site today!


The idea is sound and the site looks great. I'll be reviewing it and linking to it. Best of luck!


Thank you for talking TO me, rather than AT me. For the first time ever, I truly relaxed and enjoyed reading (listening) to an article on writing. I would dearly love to know how one develops such a soothing and encouraging voice, but I suspect you were simply born nice.

Dana Phillip Doiron

Thank you for this great site. I'm working on a first novel while managing a host of other writing projects. One may be of interest to your frequent visitors.
A colleague and I are giving birth to a new book series called A
Message in a Bottle. The first book will be a collection of letters
from fathers to their children (and invariably children of the world)
with meaningful messages. We are seeking submissions from dad's who
have a message to give to their children that will help make this world
a better place and connect fathers to their children more profoundly(we have some tricks up our sleeve for that one in addition to the
collection of letters.

I know that some of you and your colleagues could add a letter to this
project and reach so many readers, both parents and kids. I would be
honored if you would consider helping me to find fathers who would
consider writing a brief(300 to 700 word)letter for the book. You can
submit the letters by return email or online at until our new site

Next in line is a book of messages from mothers to their children. Moms, get a head-start. Send your messages now.

Authors of each message used will receive a byline and a copy of the


Dana Phillip Doiron
Mahone Bay

Andrew Macrae

Many thanks for generously sharing your knowledge and insight in this way.



Judy Brown

Thanks for providing such a wonderful resource for writers.

I'll be linking to this one on my writing blog. :)


This is an excellent site and provides the most comprehensive, straightforward advice on writing I have ever read online. Keep it up!

Damien Kane

This looks very promising. Thanks for sharing the information. I look forward to reading it. One of the best things about writing is one never stops learning.

John Birch

Absolutely anyone who writes fiction, including published authors, can benefit from the down-to-earth wisdom in incredible this site.

Laura Sweeney

Thanks so much for this valuable site. It is now in my favorite's list.

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