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November 26, 2011



I am watching a video on contractions. And I like the video.

What a wonderful share! THANKS A TON!


Isn´t it the best Zahra???? I was so excited too when I found it!


Hello to zahra,
Did you receive my mail? I sent you a comment but I did't receive any answer, please help me out. you can check my comment in happy new year part.
I look forward to your reply!



I posted you a reply in the same hour and in the same post. Give that post another visit.

I repost it here, any way.

Hi friend,

I have my M.A. in TEFL.

What is the topic of your thesis?

Your situation is very understandable. I had the same problem. Supervisors are not of great help and there are not many resources in the libraries.

Unfortunately or fortunately, you have to read a lot in order to complete your thesis.

Let me know your topic.

Good luck.


Hello Lola,

Yeah, that web site is really helpful and awesome.



Hello to Zahra,
Thank you so very much for your advice, to tell you the truth, I entered the field of linguistics and my topic is about " optimality theory " my professor are of the opinion that it is not easy but it is challengable. it is very very interesting!Zahra: what do you think about my topic? do you know anything about it?
I look forward to your reply!
All the best,



I did a quick search on your topic. It is new to me, frankly.

It seems to be a difficult topic, any way. The point is that you like this topic and feel motivated. Make sure you have access to good essays and books before making up your mind.

Remember that methodology is an important part of the thesis. On the whole, it all depends on you and your views and efforts concerning changing the topic or supervisor.

Kind thoughts,



Hello,I am currently thcneiag (and learning how to teach) EFL to native Spanish-speakers. I am soon to have another student; who was referred through an acquaintance. I was informed that she does not know anything about English (and therefore I need to "interview" her). My questions of dilemma are: What are the best questions and/or activities to go through to determine how much English the student actually knows?Also, (provided that the student does not know anything about English) What do you recommend to be a good "first lesson"? I thought about going through the alphabet - pronunciations, and the sound that each letter makes when added to words. Since my student is an adult, and the Spanish alphabet has some similarities to that of the English alphabet, I am concerned that this activity will be a bit juvenile.I have been searching through the WWW as much and as often as possible, only to come up empty-handed regarding this issue.I came across your blog while doing a search on "ESL Blog" (which btw is listed #3 in the Google search ;-) ) it seems to be a wealth of knowledge (Thank you!) and I really enjoy reading through it.I would really appreciate your help on this matter.

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